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Originally Posted by steve in so az View post
Z - Good point.
And how about all the archaeologists that have been digging up burial places from Egypt to Timbuktoo ? It is amazing how they can OK that in the name of whatever. What would the relatives of King Tut think about it ?
And is it ok to dig up our bodies after a certain period of time? Steve in so az
To me, the difference would be that archaeologists are digging things up in the name of science, history, and human knowledge. It's probably ignorant for me to think that's what all archaeologists are in it for, but regardless... at least hopefully whatever info could come of their finds would be shared and passed on into the bulk of human knowledge.

A guy with a metal detector, on the other hand, is probably digging things up because he likes old stuff and maybe hopes to make some great find. I'm not saying that he wouldn't have reverence for his finds and the history behind them, but most likely his finds would remain his own and whatever information could be gleaned from them would stay with him or be lost...

And yes, I guess time does come into it... The US is not that old really, not so old that the people buried here are so far removed from us. Their remnants are not far removed time wise as to be part of a distant history, but rather a part an immediate heritage and past. As opposed to the relics of people from 5,000 years ago... it shouldn't make a difference, but I guess to me it does, rational or not.

I don't know if I'm coming across clearly... and then again, maybe I'm all wrong on the topic.

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