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Originally Posted by Foragist View post
Big, shiny CONGRATS to Digger27! Glad it was your birthday numbers that won, instead of just a random guess.

Thank you again, BuscaPlata! Your generosity equals your offspring count!
I know, right?
In 2004 I lived here in Bama but visited family in Fla. and bought 10 weeks of Fla. Lottery tickets since Alabama didn't have, and still doesn't have, any lotteries.
No Powerball or anything like that, just 6 numbers, $1 per ticket
Used those same numbers, my brothers birth date numbers and our ages at the time.
Got 5 out of 6, won a record $9,250...high for a 5 number hit because of the winning pool winners.
The only other time I can remember winning anything using these numbers.
After collecting on my next visit and taxes taken out escaped with $6,600.
One more correct number I would have won $4.5 million.

That money is long gone but this ring I will keep forever.

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