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Default Another bucket lister for me.

Got this nice 1838 half dime today came in at a chopping 28 29 on the nox she was deep too about 8 inches laying on this steep hill side. Also got 2 mercs 1939 and 1943. Thar 22 silvers FTY. My blood was pumping when I popped her out of the ground. Probably never find another one. It was only 19 degrees out. Lol. Hard core.
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Anfibio multi /Equinox 600. Total silvers fty 61 18 rosie 26 mercs 1 v nickel. 97 wheat cent. 1 silver charm 2 barber dimes 7 Washington. 1 barber quarter. 1 half dime 1 chuck of a Washington. 1 half 1 SLQ

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