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Originally Posted by randy View post
Look at that beautiful efficiency ratio (wheaties/silvers) of 2.19. And I thought I was doing well at 2.46. And this ratio matters as digging wheaties wastes time if your goal is to find silvers.

In any case, keep it up. Hope you get to 200!
I like digging wheats. Wheats sometimes mask silver coins if there in the same hole. Had it done to me twice already. Thanks. 200 hundred is alot. Got 189 last year.

Anfibio multi /Equinox 600. Total silvers FTY 119. 34 rosies 46mercs 2 v nickels 235wheat cent. 1 silver charm 4 barber dimes 15 Washingtons . 1 barber quarter. 1 half dime 1 chuck of a Washington. 2 walkers 2 SLQ 1 silver pin. 1 morgan dollar 1 seated dime. 1 barber half. 6 war nickels.1 silver ring.

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