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Originally Posted by DiamondDan View post
The crappy ones go straight into the trash. I tried a while back to send some acceptable ones through my tumbler and cash em in. It was a big jar full of mixed change.The coins were just fine, but the bank refused to take them until I threatened to close my account and go somewhere else that would be happy to take my money. They eventually caved in and ran them through the sorter. Haven't tried bringing my change to a bank since. I'll bet I have five hundred bucks worth built up in jars laying around the house.
I suggest you tumble clean all those coins, and ask to make an appointment at your bank. Tell them that you dug them and cleaned them, and need some time with a counting machine. I bet if you get an appointment, they won't have as much attitude. Be aware that too many rejected coins may cause the machine to stop, so an attendant has to clear and restart it. This usually happens when I rerun the rejects. Good luck. Coins are heavy. Too many at one time becomes a burden.
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