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The seeding comment reminded me of something funny I did years ago. I had a large collection of books, maybe a hundred. Some given to me, many I bought. All about my many hobbies.
Well, I was getting rid of them. Just didn't need them anymore. I loaded them into my truck, back seat. Everywhere I went for the next 6 months I'd carry one with me across the parking lots. Invariably there'd be an open car window. One book for you was my saying as I slid a volume through the window slit. That's a hundred books mind you. I never got to witness the recipients face and look of confusion as the discovered a copy of "theory of combustion Engines" laying on their passenger seat. "Sailfish on the Fly Rod", where the hell did this come from? "The Birds of Brazil" WHAAAT? I like to think I started many interesting conversations and investigative puzzles as the poor devils tried to figure out, where in the world did a copy of "Triassic plant evolution come from.

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