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Originally Posted by KingTotsalot View post
KT scored a nice fat roll of Bens! These KT paid only 10 cents over the silver value for them and the shipping was free! KT considers that a very fair price and the seller was needing some cash on hand with Christmas shopping coming up.

You know KT! Always on the lookout for some reasonably priced silver halves!

Anyway, here is the pic of the roll....all spread out and sorted by dates. Enjoy! Incidentally, the halves KT purchases in 2019 will be calculated separately from those He recovered from CRH box returns! This will be shortly after January 1, when KT posts His Royal Annual Totals.
Congrats KT !!!!

You must wear out a calculator each year counting up all that silver !

Originally Posted by Soil Surgeon View post
The King has scored good and plenty
Holy cow, it looks like twenty !
I'm sure it made for a happy day
to have those Bennies come his way
only ten cents over melt
Oh, I know how good that felt
The time is getting soon at hand
when he will own all the silver in the land
Just be thankful I am told
that he's not after all the gold
Congrats once again King Totsalot
for twenty Bennies in one shot !

Well, well, wouldn't you know it
Soil Surgeon is quite a poet !

(that was neat ! )

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