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Originally Posted by ohiochris View post
Every cell phone I find gets stripped down and the guts wind up in an AP tank for scrap gold.
hey, why not. at least you're getting a little something in return for them.
but as for the pics on this one i mentioned, i wasn't thinking of possible legal trouble to the guy who found it, but more so of the implications if the 'dealer' thinks the finder may have seen those pics. that could be bad for business and he might want to take steps to make sure the finder doesn't say anything. to me, that's a great reason why to not try contacting the owner and let the proper people handle things.
it was something i was asked about and i gave my honest opinion about it. then it came to mind that numerous people on here find and return phones.
i don't think i'll be returning any. i just wanted to give a heads-up of what you could be getting yourself in for.
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