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Originally Posted by eackard View post
Yea Iam almost convinced that no to buy that device, but it not necesariy will give you information i f is gold, silver or copper, there is not detector that can do that at the moment, but in a ground where there is not any trash of metals just minerals maybe could work to find treasures, avoiding minerals and that the device notice any metal buried, the device cost is 4.990 + shipping 450 I will add an image of what can it find according the manual...

You are almost convinced not to buy that device?
The other one you mentioned at half the price that you think will find metal treasure buried around minerals but not any trash let me give you a clue...that one won't work either.

You are just determined to spend a lot of money on something, aren't you?
Let me make a will spend your money and become very disillusioned, you will find there is no machine out there like these that can find you treasure hidden in the ground like they say they can, you will complain to the dealer that sells you any of these types of "Treasure Finders", and if they even want to talk to you after they steal your money they will tell you you just don't know how to use the thing...your fault, not theirs, or there just isn't any treasure where you are searching.
This is what all of them say to their many unhappy customers.
Or, if you are really lucky, they might offer to teach you to use one of these machines in person to help you at one of their training sites...for a fee.
Another chance to lose even more of your money.
You will not get your money back on any of it no matter how much complaining you do, not even an option so don't even think that.

Tell you what, send me half the money you plan on spending on any of these magic machines and I will send you a heartfelt letter of appreciation.
Win win...I will get some easy money and you will get something too, that letter which will not find you any more treasure than anything else you are considering but you will only lose half your money to learn that lesson.
You are going to learn that lesson eventually, that "A fool and his money is soon parted".
Might as well lose less and still have a little left over to console yourself when you realize you made some very bad decisions.

Others have joined up here before asking the same questions about these so called treasure finding tools as you did.
In most cases when they are not told what they wanted to hear because this is just not the kind of place where that happens and we actually like to help people here, instead when they are informed that these things won't work and will not find treasure they don't stick around for long and go looking for other forums and other like minded people that will tell them different because misery loves company.
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