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Default Yes, dig

"The owner recently sold a large parcel of land on which a shopping center has been built. The dirt removed from her family's farm has been used on the perimeter of the cemetary. (I would only be hunting the perimeter)
The cemetary was established in the early 1800's.
Her family farm in the same era...
Since she has given me permission to hunt the cemetary, (and asked me to be on the board for the cemetary), do you think it is OK?"

tvic25: Personally, I see nothing wrong with md'ing an area that is private property, particularly in that YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN permission by the owner. As you mentioned, the area you will md is the perimeter, which, imho, is clearly not in any way interferring with an actual gravesite.

In fact, I plan to md at my own family cemetary in the next few weeks, it is on our own property, not a very large cemetary with only about 20 graves and monuments. My personal feeling is that should I find any small relics or mementos they will remain with me, as a part of my collected family history, will remain with me or be given to other family members.

I might suggest that if you should find relics, etc. perhaps you should return them to the property owner, as a gesture of good faith. You have no reason to feel any angst nor guilt over this; it's obviously something you would enjoy and it sure doesn't seem to be an issue with the owner, go for it.


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