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Default The "Lost my stuff" group

Hello everyone,
I believe I first learned about the "Lost my stuff" group here at Friendly, but I wanted to post this to try to find some more volunteers.

The "Lost my stuff" group, is a group of volunteer metal detectorists, started by John Hawken, who want to help people find things that they have lost. There is no charge for our assistance... we just do it to help people and to promote the hobby.

This is a pretty new group and, right now, there are about 76 members so we are far from having enough people. In fact, we could not help the last few people because we did not have anyone who lived close enough to assist.

When someone loses something and finds the "Lost my stuff" web site, they fill out a form and it sends an email to all the members. If you can help, you respond directly to the person who lost the item and make arrangements. If you cannot help, you just do not respond. It is a very simple system.

So..... if this sounds like something you might be interested in doing, please go to this link and sign up.

You can explore the site and learn more about the group as well.

Thank you,
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