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Originally Posted by Soil Surgeon View post
Congratulations on persevering and getting more finds from that great spot .
Thanks! It's pretty wild that this one big pile of old dirt has turned out a small handful of coins, and that included two barbers, two buffalo, and some wheaties. More good coins than clad and barely any junk. I guess that's due to the original depth of that dirt. If I go back and find a Barber quarter then I wouldn't blame somebody for not believing me. That's not going to stop me from keeping an eye on it and trying!

Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
Good play by play. I never get tired of barbers and buffalos, even if super-kissed by the ground ! Heck, our coins wouldn't be half as fun if they came out of the ground candy-apple clean, eh ?
Interesting that the tarnish is exactly the same on both coins. Not sure why because I doubt they're using any chemical fertilizers. But, the soil where they were originally located stays pretty damp.

2020: 2 silver; 36 wheats; 1 Indian Head Cent; 5 buffalo nickels; 4 tokens; 1 foreign coin; 1 sterling; $15.55
2019: 45 Silver Coins; 271 Wheats; 15 Indian Head Cents; 18 Buffalo Nickels; 6 Liberty V Nickels; 4 Silver Rings; 1 Gold Ring; 2 silver other; 6 Tokens; $104.60
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