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Default Old story about a lost wedding ring

I've told this story somewhere else so forgive me if you've already read it.
This happened some twenty five years ago but I still feel the humor in it.
A work buddy and his wife spent an entire day setting out 45 new rose bushes at their new home. At the end of the day they realized he had lost his wedding ring somewhere in one of the holes. I agreed to come over the next morning & help him search/dig until we found it. He didn't know I had a metal detector, a Garrett Deep Seeker. Well I arrived early before they got up & scanned all of the newly planted bushes and was pretty sure I knew which hole it was in. When he woke up & found me sitting on his steps I told him I had a dream of which hole we found it in. Sure enough it was in the hole I said I dreamed of. To this day he still thinks I'm clairvoyant & I've never told him the truth.

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