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I did a sweep first of all using the jewelry mode, by picked up loads of other stuff, like aluminium foil, nails, rings pulls, etc, etc. our wedding rings were bought from the same store, so I thought if I knew what set her off,that would probably set mine off too (it's set to the 5c indicator). I can not guarantee it was on my finger when I started, but I have never taken my wedding ring off once since I have been married (2006) and noticed it felt different when I put the thick glove on. Plus it was a cold morning, and that glove catches me where my wedding ring sits, so I came to the conclusion that it must of come off when taking my gloves off to dig up a sapping root.

It could be in under the ground where I have been diigging up the roots, but the ace only seems to pick my wife's ring up if I am less than 4 inches above.

I have hired the ace 250 for a week and will spend all weekend in the garden. Any other tips that I should consider as this is all very new to me.

Thanks, scott
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