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Default In desperate need of help

I am in big trouble, i lost my wedding ring!!

last weekend I went into a remote part of the garden to clear up lots of leaves, old pine needles and debris. I also removed some old sampling roots by digging down in the soil and either cutting out the root and replacing the soil. After 14 35 gallon bags filled with leaves and pine needle, I put on left glove only to discover my thin platinum wedding ring was missing.

A neighbour leant me Garrett security metal detector (those hand held ones you see at airports) and I did a sweep in the garden on my hands and knees, plus I emptied all 14 bags of leaves and did on sweep on them too. Nothing turned up.

Today I hired a Garrett Ace 250 and did another sweep on the garden plus the bags of leaves, nothing turned up.

I used a wife's matching wedding ring to identify which setting on the ace 250 picked up the platinum and excluded the rest.

Folks I need your help, is there a better metal detector that could help me, or or there any professional services that could help me. I live in Charlotte, north carolina and at my wits end.

Any help in pointing me in the right direction or helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
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