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Default Life does not end.....

Worth repeating....Life does not end! KT took the Queen yesterday to the USPO branch to drop off a package in the outside box, then to the drive through at KT's Royal Bank to deposit a check and inform them to put a hold on the Royal Boxes for awhile, then to the drive thru at the local grocery store to pick up an order we called in yesterday, and finally by the DQ for some chicken strips and gravy for lunch. Never had to set foot out of the Royal Chariot!

Today, KT must take the Queen to the Oral Surgeon to get a tooth worked on....implant in the future. Thus the Royal Tax Refund is spent...castle taxes and insurance, vehicle insurance, and dental work! KT has a 900+ page book to read, so His Majesty will stay in the Chariot while the Queen is enduring the oral work...was informed yesterday to plan on prepare His own feast later today because She will not feel like it. Very understandable! Keep life interesting and we shall get through this. We always wonder if our time here on earth will later be consider interesting time....well, it is!

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