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leslie(nova scotia) 06-11-2006 04:39 PM

quagmire quest
From the land of the Bluenose..well started downloading music and Bud last night and woke up today with the Royal Navy Band tuning up in my head. My one day off and I was going to enjoy it even though my head was pounding and the weather wasnt even fit for a duck!

Decided to just zip down the 103 highway at 100 clicks and give Goquickski a free car wash then head into Halifax for a little penny popping.<center><img src=""></center>

About 5 coins into the hunt my Garrett got a snitty on and started chattering at me so I went back to the car and changed her batteries which seemed to do the trick and I continued swinging in the rain. Nice and peaceful time and first dig in quite a while. Found a nice dog lease, ball, thimble 1966 USA dime and 22 coins @ $1.39<center><img src=""></center>

On the lighter side got to say hi to Danny Glover who went through the airport the other day. He looked so frail and ill that I didn't have the heart to ask him for an autograph!

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