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mrnavy2 06-18-2017 11:21 AM

Minelab 505 Coil and a few questions
Hey all, I have a few questions on this Minelab 505 that I purchased a few months ago. So far I have done pretty good for a beginner but would like to do better if possible. Yes, I found coins, and old rusty items from the beach. So here are my questions:
1. What is a good coil for the Beach?
2. What is a good coil for the local Park?
3. If using a Metal Mode do i still need to Ground Balance?
4. If i use the Presets 1,2 or 3 will i need to do anything adjusting. Will i just be able to hit Preset 1 and then do a Ground Balance and off I go?

Thanks for all you help... Steve...

hunter1 06-18-2017 01:09 PM

Minelab 505
I have one , I use the standard 9" coil = local park. When i want to cover more ground i use the 10" DD coil. For the beach, Dry sand hunting you can use the stock 9" coil. Wet sand and water, machine will not work properly. I mostly hunt in all metal mode. Works for me. I only use the lowest preset. Check out Randy's post and recommendations on the 505. I'm Steve too.:yes:

mrnavy2 06-18-2017 06:44 PM

Thanks Steve for your quick response. Steve

P.S. where can i locate Randy post?

jl1252 06-18-2017 09:09 PM

I have never run my X-terra 505 at the beach, but plan to the end of this month. I have run it on fresh water beaches no problem.

I have the stock 9" 7.5khz concentric, 9" 3khz concentric, 6" 18.75khz DD, and the 10.5" 18.75khz coil, and prefer the 10.5" DD due to being able to cover a lot of ground and find small items. I also like the 6" DD for super trashy parks and navigating around metal fences and thick brush, the trade off is it doesn't go as deep, so to compensate I max out the sensitivity.

I run program 3, ground balance at every new site, and go. I dig everything above iron. The 505 is awesome once you learn its language. I used to think that only certain types of metal fell into certain ranges, but once you learn that ANY metal can ring up in ANY range, you will find more. I dig every repeatable signal above iron and have been finding a lot more jewelry.

Hope that makes sense and good luck.

hunter1 06-19-2017 09:16 AM

Randys Horton post

Originally Posted by mrnavy2 (Post 2794328)
Thanks Steve for your quick response. Steve

P.S. where can i locate Randy post?

He is on the Minelab web site, at least that's were i copied the book he wrote. Check them out. The 505 will work great in the dry sand at the beach. But the salt and minerals in the wet sand and the surf will create havoc with the machine. I use a Whites coin master for the dry sand, and i use a Sand shark for the wet sand and the surf. 505 i use for every place else. I just checked there web site. He is still on there . Go to the Minelab site, look up Randy Horton. This guy wrote the book on the X-Terra series . You will learn a lot from reading his work's. Just navigate the system till you find him. Good luck. :detector:

Longhair 06-19-2017 01:32 PM

Randy Horton's FREE e-book "Understanding Your X-Terra".

And for a better understanding of the various coils you should read Randy's 4-part Blog article "Which X-Terra Coil Is Best For Me".
Keep in mind that this blog article was written before Coiltek developed the 15" All-Terrain coils and the 6" 3kHz DIGGER coil.

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